How to Check EPF Balance Through Message or SMS? – Latest Guide 2024

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) offers an easy way to check your EPF balance instantly through messages (SMS). Especially in our fast paced world, this method provides effortless access to your savings information. We will guide you for “how to check EPF balance through message” which helps you to monitor your finances and manage your retirement savings effectively.

How to Check EPF Balance Through Message or SMS? – Latest Guide 2024

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Benefits of Checking EPF Balance through SMS

The EPF balance SMS service offers multiple benefits which are as follows:

Super Convenient

You can access your EPF balance any time, from any location, simply using your mobile phone’s SMS feature. No need for queues or computer dependency.

Instant Updates

You can receive instant updates on your EPF balance via a quick SMS. By this, you can stay informed about your finances and make future plans effortlessly.

No Internet Needed

You do not need the internet connectivity. The SMS service relies solely on text messages, allowing you to access your balance even in areas with no internet access.

Speedy Response

Once sent an SMS, you receive your EPF balance details promptly. No more delays, you get the required information quickly and efficiently.


Checking your EPF balance through SMS is designed to be as simple as sending a text message. You do not need to be a tech expert at all.


In most cases, it is completely free to check your EPF balance through SMS. You do not need to worry about additional expenses.

Assured Security

You can trust that your EPF balance information is securely protected. The EPFO prioritizes privacy and security which ensures that your personal data is kept confidential.

Documents Required To Check EPF Balance through Message

To check your EPF balance by SMS, you will need the following documents:

  • UAN: Universal Account Number
  • Member ID: Employee’s EPF account number
  • Mobile number: Registered with the UAN

These details allow you to access the EPF Member Portal as well where you can check your balance, download your passbook, and review your transaction history.

How to Check EPF Balance Through Message or SMS?

Here is the simplified guide on how to check EPF balance through message in India:

Step 1 - Activate Your UAN

Make sure that your Universal Account Number (UAN) is active. If it is not active, then you need to contact your employer or visit the UAN member portal to activate it.

Step 2 - Link Your Mobile Number

Ensure that your mobile number is linked to your UAN. This confirms that you receive your EPF balance updates on the correct number. You can link it through the UAN member portal.

Step 3 - Create the SMS

Open your messaging app and start a new message. Type “EPFOHO UAN” (replace “UAN” with your actual UAN number). For example, your UAN is 1234567890 then type “EPFOHO 1234567890”.

Step 4 - Send the SMS

Send your message to the EPF SMS number: 7738299899. This will send a query to the EPF system, requesting your balance information.

Step 5 - Receive the Reply

When you send the SMS message, you’ll get a text message back with details about your employee provident fund (EPF) balance. This includes how much money has been contributed and your current balance.

You may be charged for the SMS message. Also make sure you are using the same mobile number that is linked to your Universal Account Number (UAN) to get the correct information.

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Checking EPF balance through messages is incredibly simple. This method offers convenience and efficiency for employees in India to access their retirement savings information. Whether through mobile apps or the official EPFO portal, individuals can easily access their account details and monitor their savings progress. This ease of access has empowered employees to plan for their financial security in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is an Indian government retirement investment program. Employers and employees contribute equally (12% of the employee’s basic pay and allowances) on a monthly basis. These contributions accumulate interest and give tax advantages. Employees can withdraw a portion of their funds for specific reasons. Additionally, they can transfer their EPF account when switching employers.

Opening an EPF account is mandatory for employees earning a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000 or higher. Others can open an account voluntarily regardless of their income. Employees are required to contribute a minimum of 12% of their salary to the EPF, but they may choose to contribute more if they want.

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