Exploring Adani Penny Stock List 2024: A Depth Analysis of Key Companies

Many people are constantly looking for the cheapest stocks of Adani Group, meaning they are searching for Adani penny stocks list 2024. Although we cannot say that these are adani penny stock as they are trading at a very good prices but they are cheapest stock of Adani. So, today, we will discuss Adani Penny Stocks List 2024.

Exploring Adani Penny Stock List 2024: A Depth Analysis of Key Companies

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Adani Penny Stock List 2024 Overview

1. New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV)

  • Current Stock Price: ₹281
  • Market Capitalization: With a market capitalization of ₹1,810 crores, NDTV has been a prominent player in the Indian media landscape since its inception in 1988.
  • NDTV operates several popular channels. NDTV has expanded its footprint with 23 studios and multiple offices nationwide.
  • NDTV is a well-known brand in the Indian media industry, with a strong presence in the digital space, boasting a strong presence on its website, social media channels, and OTT platforms. Hence, market enthusiasts eyeing the Adani Penny Stock List for 2024 should take note of New Delhi Television Ltd.

2. Adani Wilmar Limited

  • Current Stock Price: ₹377
  • Market Capitalization: This company, established in 2002, holds a substantial market capitalization of ₹49,511 crore.
  • Adani Wilmar is based in Gujarat. The company is involved in various oil businesses, including soybean, sunflower, mustard, and refined palm oil.
  • The company has shown commendable growth in revenue and profit over the past three years, with strong promoter holdings and a debt-free status. Hence, it is another significant contender on the Adani Penny Stock List 2024.
  • Investors contemplating this stock should conduct meticulous research, especially considering Adani Group and Wilmar International’s intentions to divest their stakes in Adani Wilmar.

3. Ambuja Cements Limited

  • Current Stock Price: ₹542
  • Market Capitalization: With a market capitalization of ₹108,267 crore, Ambuja Cements has been a leading player in the Indian cement industry since its establishment in 1983.
  • Ambuja Cements is a major cement producer in India with a presence across 11 states. The company produces various types of cement, including OPC and PPC.
  • The financial performance of Ambuja Cements has been strong, with consistent revenue and profit growth over the past three years. The stock has also provided good returns at a cheap price, making it an attractive option for investors; hence, it has been included in the Adani penny stock list 2024.

4. Adani Power Limited

  • Current Stock Price: ₹551
  • Market Capitalization: Adani Power Ltd., a powerhouse in India’s infrastructure landscape, was established in 1996. Adani Power boasts a staggering market capitalization of ₹215,370 crore.
  • Adani Power Limited is one of the largest infrastructure companies in India, established in 1996. The company has over 70 power projects in India, and with a total installed capacity of 15,210 megawatts, it is a significant contributor to the nation’s energy sector.
  • Adani Power is a key player in the energy sector, and it plans to enter international markets. The company has a significant presence in various states in India.
  • As part of its strategic vision, Adani Power is actively exploring opportunities to expand internationally, particularly through investments in supercritical coal power plants.

Note: Current Stock Rate is as on 7th January 2024 from Google Finance.

Adani Penny Stock List 2024

Name of Adani Penny StockShare Price
New Delhi Television Ltd.Rs. 281
Adani Wilmar Ltd.Rs. 377
Ambuja Cements Ltd.Rs. 542
Adani Power Ltd.Rs. 551

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The Adani Penny Stock List 2024 presents a diverse range of investment opportunities, each with its own unique strengths and growth trajectories. As with any investment decision, thorough research and consideration of potential risks are imperative. The dynamic nature of the stock market requires investors to stay informed and make decisions aligned with their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To reduce the gap, Adani Power, the largest private pure play thermal power company, as has well-aligned plans for capacity expansion. “We expect APL’s sales and EBITDA to expand at a 7%/12% CAGR to ₹47,000 cr / INR 14,080 cr during FY23–2026, with an estimated 400bps improvement in EBITDA margins.

Adani Power is the largest of the two, with a market capitalization of Rs 2 trillion. Tata Power has a market capitalization of Rs 1.1 trillion.

Investors with a low risk tolerance should be cautious of such stocks. Absence of Dividend Yield: The majority of Adani businesses have little to no dividend yield. Stocks in the Adani Group may be held by holders; however, new investments are not recommended.

Since March, GQG Partners has invested at least ₹37,440 crore in five Adani group companies; the most recent bulk purchase, for ₹8,811 crore, was made in Adani Power on August 16. The value of GQG Partners’ stake in Adani Group as of Tuesday was ₹64,648.74 crore.

On one of Zee Business’ shows, an expert suggested that Adani shares are a fantastic investment opportunity. He proposes Adani Power, Adani Energy Solution, and Adani Ports as strong companies to consider in compared to the others.

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